Christianity Today, 1971

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Writers in this Issue
Eggebroten, Anne

12 Mar, volume 15, issue 12

Writers in this Issue
Chandler, Russell
Forbes, Cheryl A.
Warren, Rita

26 Mar, volume 15, issue 13

  • "Changing The Masthead at the Christian Herald" by Russell Chandler
  • "Mixed Vibrations" by Rita Warren
  • "A New Folk Musical: Do The Answers Ring True?" by Cheryl A. Forbes
    Tedd Smith, New Vibrations

Writers in this Issue
Plowman, Edward E.

9 Apr, volume 15, issue 14

  • "Jesus Presses Are Rolling" by Edward E. Plowman
    Jesus Movement newspapers, Oracle, Hawaii Free Paper, The Hollywood Free Paper, Maranatha Free Press, Right On!, The Truth

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