Down The Line, Jul 2010, #7

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Cover of Down The Line, Jul 2010 #7, featuring Ojo Taylor
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Writers in this Issue
Crosslin, Matt
Lory, Josh
Ruff, Steve

Ojo Taylor

Cover Feature:Article:
  • "The '80s Were a Lifetime Ago For All of Us" by Matt Crosslin
  • "A Lifetime of Stars and Dreams" by Steve Ruff
  • "Ryan Weaver: The Timeless Art of Tattooing" by Steve Ruff
    Ryan Weaver (Joe Christmas, Spudgun, World Against World) on tattooing
  • "Bill Walden: ... continuing the discussion on "Homosexuality, God, and the Church"..." by Steve Ruff
    Bill Walden (Undercover, Fourth Watch)
  • "Brian Kirsch: Sterling Dishes on Life, Pain, Regression, and Mr. Sunshine" by Steve Ruff
  • "Was It So Bad?" by Josh Lory
    musings on success and Christian rock
Album Review:

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