Event, Jul / Aug 1972, vol. 12, iss. 7

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Cover of Event, Jul / Aug 1972 v. 12, i. 7, featuring The Jesus Movement
Writers in this Issue
Criss, Howard
Gallagher, Sharon
Hano, Arnold
Hora, Galen
Hustad, Jack
Jorstad, Erling
Miller, Francie
Peterson, Richard
Solheim, James
Williams, Don

The Jesus Movement

  • "Who Are The Jesus People?" by Arnold Hano
    An overview of the Jesus movement. Focus is on scope, background of adherents, music, controversies, sociological aspects. Mentions Arthur Blessitt, Hal Lindsey, Marcus Bach, Michael McFadden
  • "A New Movement in the Land" by Don Williams
    Covers the spiritual and intellectual background to the Jesus movement, and movement-related organizations, communal ideals, and how all of this challenges the traditional church.
  • "Fad or Future?" by Francie Miller
    Looks at the Jesus movement in Canada, Emmaus House and the Jesus Peoples' Army
  • "The Salvation Trip" by Galen Hora
    Criticizes elements of the movement; mentions Love Song, Children of God, spiritual aspects
  • "What Kind of Jesus?" by Erling Jorstad
    Explores the intellectual assumptions of the Jesus movement, especially the understanding of the person of Jesus, his teachings, and their implications.
  • "The Face of Need" by Richard Peterson
    A brief look at a Jesus movement commune
  • "Making Christ An Issue" by Sharon Gallagher
    Background to the Christian World Liberation Front
  • "For or Against?" by Howard Criss
    Reactions of mainstream churches to the Jesus movement. Explores how the Christian World Liberation Front has worked with institutional churches.
in the event:editorially:
  • presents information about how Lutherans can reach out to Jesus-movement adherents by Jack Hustad

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