HM, Jun 2014, #179

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Cover of HM, Jun 2014 #179, featuring Beartooth
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Writers in this Issue
Ashmore, Jeff
Bryant, Anthony
Croteau, Justin
Eaves, Chelc
Francis, Matt
Gonzales, Jordan
Greiner, Nielson
Houston, Robert
Huncherick, Sean
Key, Nathan
Long, Brooke
Mabee, Justin
McCormack, Jeff
Rake, Jamie Lee
Rickaby, Ben
Sanchez, Melissa
Santos, Sarah Dos
Sides, Chad
Simula, Collin
Smith, Taylor Rhea
Stagg, David


Cover Feature:
  • "Warped. 'Disgusting.' Surprisingly Honest" by Collin Simula
    Beartooth, Caleb Shomo interviewed
  • "The End of an Era" by Melissa Sanchez
  • "The Most Inspirational Songwriter of a Generation" by Taylor Rhea Smith
    Say Anything, Max Bemis interviewed
  • "Storytelling with Wolves at the Gate" by Jordan Gonzales
  • "A Passionate Conversation with Being as an Ocean frontman Joel Quartuccio" by Robert Houston
  • "They Will Be Added To Your Number Daily..." by Sean Huncherick
  • "Tombs Says" by David Stagg
    Tombs, Mike Hill interviewed
The Jump:
  • "Behind the Beliefs of A Nameless Ghoul From Ghost B.C." by Robert Houston
  • "RYNBLKMRTN" by Sarah Dos Santos
  • "This is The Suit I Wear to Work" by Chad Sides
Album Review:The Jump: HM Live:
  • "Rock on the Range" by photo section by Brooke Long
The Jump: Books:The Jump: Columns:
  • "I Want to Live For Something" by Matt Francis
  • "Everything You Hear About Me Is True" by Collin Simula
  • "The Resurrected Life, pt. 1: We Live Because He Lives" by Nielson Greiner

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