Heaven's Metal, Sep 2012, #92

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Sep 2012 #92, featuring Messenger
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Writers in this Issue
McCormack, Jeff
Morrow, Matt
Ohlsson, Patrik
Rowe, Steve
Van Pelt, Doug


Cover Feature:
  • "The Calling of a New Messenger" by Steve Rowe
  • "Music with Heart and Soul" by Patrik Ohlsson
  • "One Way" by Doug Van Pelt
  • "Driven and Counting Down" by Jeff McCormack
  • "As Fast as Lightning, As Heavy as Stink" by Doug Van Pelt
Album Review:
  • Rein Xeed - Welcome to the Theater by Jeff McCormack
  • Saint - Desperate Night by Jeff McCormack
  • Daniel Trigger - Infinite Persistence by Jeff McCormack
  • Charlie Shred - Charlie Shred by Jeff McCormack
  • various artists - Come Armageddon by Matt Morrow
  • Pellek - Bag of Tricks by Jeff McCormack
Throwing Down the Gauntlet:
  • "The Best Things" by Steve Rowe
    [reprint from 2007]

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