Home Missions, Jun / Jul 1971, vol. 42, iss. 6 / 7

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Writers in this Issue
Ashley, Frank
Burns, Mary Violet
Druin, Toby
Knight, Walter
Lee, Dallas
Price, Betty

The Jesus Movement

  • "It's So Wild... So Wild... Praise the Lord"
    introduction to this issue
  • "The Jesus Explosion" by Betty Price, Everett Hulluan, Jr
    The Jesus movement is Southern California: Calvary Chapel, Bethel Tabernacle, coffeehouses, Arthur Blessitt, Duane Pederson
  • "The Christian Communes"
    Profiles Messiah Mansion, Costa Mesa, CA, run by Ed Smith
  • "The Electric Revival" by Dallas Lee
    The Jesus movement in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. Related Evangelists: Richard Hogue, James Robinson, Jack Taylor
  • "Asbury, One Year Later" by Frank Ashley
    the Asbury College (Wilmore, KY) revival of February 1970
  • "Echoes of the Movement" by Toby Druin
    The Jesus movement in the East; Details of a SCB youth rally in Greensboro, NC
  • "Prophets In God-Rock" by Mary Violet Burns
    Music in the Jesus Movement, religious expression in rock music; Bob Dylan, Turley Richards, Kurt Kaiser, Ralph Carmichael, Russ and Helen Kline
  • "When The Trip's Over" by Walter Knight
    Characteristics of the Jesus movement: emotion, pentecostal leanings, apocalyptic and evangelistic fervor

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