The Presbyterian Journal, 19 May 1971, vol. 30, iss. 3

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Writers in this Issue
Bell, L. Nelson
Cohen, Nate
Douthit, Carrol
Ross, Ed
Sawyers, Joy
Sparks, Jack

The Jesus Movement

  • "Flunking For Christ" by Linda (from The Truth)
  • "Students Hear God's Side" by (from The Truth)
    Wilson McKinley concert, Carl Parks speaks about evolution
  • "Does Anyone Hear?" by Glen (from Sound Mind)
    social commentary
  • "Leary Busted" by Nate Cohen (from For Real)
    Timothy Leary
  • "From Satan to God" by (Christian World Liberation Front)
  • "Sheriffs Hear of Jesus" by (from Right On!)
    account of the treatment of Jesus Freaks by law enforcement
  • "Open Letter to Dick Gregory" by Joy Sawyers (from For Real)
  • "The Jesus People In Action" by (Christian World Liberation Front)
  • "For a Righteous Cause" by (from Right On!)
  • "The Real Lessen of the Calley Trial" by Ed Ross (from For Real)
Across the Editor's Desk:
  • an introduction the Jesus movement
A Layman and His Church:
  • "Youth Offers a Ray of Hope" by Dr. L. Nelson Bell
    commentary on the Church's response to the Jesus movement and the challenges that it has presented
  • "A Letter From Berkeley" by Jack Sparks
  • "This and That" by Carrol Douthit (from The Truth)

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