Johnny Q. Public

Media coverage:

  • May 1995 in Heaven's Metal "Meet Johnny Q. Public", by Andrew Crump
  • Aug 1995 in CCM "Faces to Watch: Johnny Q. Public Disturbs the Peace", by Chad Bonham
  • Nov 1995 in 7ball "Johnny Q. Public"
  • May 1996 in 7ball "Johnny Q. Public Hits The Big Time"
  • Sum 1996 in HM "Hardnews: Johnny Q Mania!!"
  • Jul 1996 in CCM "In Concert: Saltbox Tour, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA", by Dan MacIntosh
  • Sep 2000 in HM "Welcome Back Johnny", by Treble Bandoppler
  • Mar 2001 in HM "Poster: Johnny Q. Public"

Albums & reviews:

: Extra*Ordinary
: Welcome To Earth

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  • "Johnny Q. Public" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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