Cover for September 1998, featuring The European Scene
September 1998
The European Scene

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General info

First issue: July / August 1995
Final issue: 2004
No publication in 2002

Published as:
7-ball (ISSN 1082-3980)
1995  –  1997, Publisher: (Nashville, TN)
7ball (ISSN 1525-5336)
1997  –  2001, Publisher: (Nashville, TN)
Seven Ball
2003  –  2004, Publisher: (Puyallup, WA)

OCLC: 41585064
LCCN: 95647289


Publisher - Daniel J. Mann
Associate Publisher - Frank Chimento
Editor - Bruce A. Brown
Editor - Chris Well
Editor - Jackie A. Chapman
Managing Editor - Cameron Strang
Managing Editor - Stacie Kish Collins

Columns & regular features

Bankshots: New artists showcase.
blah, blah, blah: Commentary by various editors.
Gadget Watch: Equipment reviews.
History: History of bands with significant impacts on their scene.
Spotlight: New artist briefing, a miniature "bankshots".
CMnexus (noun)
The magazine index
of modern music
and Christianity