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From the Editor

The CMnexus is a reference work. We are a magazine index specialized in Christian culture and music. We are a guide to the music of contemporary Christianity, an index of an artist's significance to Christian music, and a record of Christian thought about popular music.

CMnexus is similar to traditional periodical indexes, offering listings by subject and author, but includes views not possible with traditional products. Unlike printed products our pages offer complete overviews of the subjects profiled. Our focus is the intersection of modern music and Christian culture. Our coverage is broad, representing various views of Christianity, music, spirituality, and culture.

Traditional indexes that we compliment include:
  • the Christian Periodical Index
  • the Guide to Social Science and Religion
  • any number of denominational periodical indexes

We don't attempt to define "Christian music" or judge whether any particular artist merits the label "Christian." Most of the artists we list are from what is generally accepted as music representing Christianity. Others exist here because they are covered in Christian publications, sometimes negatively. Our coverage comes from periodicals explicitly covering Christian music as much as from general Christian culture magazines.

CMnexus is a work in progress. We're open to comments, error reports, etc. If you find us useful, link to us. We could always use source material.

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-Daniel Billings

Sample Entries

Example from Steve Taylor


Media coverage:

Each article in the "Media coverage" block is treated separately, and contains a link to the issue that contains it, and a link to Profile of it's author. Magazines which are currently published have their links highlighted in color.
  • 2 Oct 2000 in Christianity Today "Christianity Today Review: Slivers of Enlightenment", by Greg Clugston
  • Jul 2003 in CCM "It's Our Blockbuster Summer... CCM Magazine Turns 25: Steve Taylor"
  • Mar 2004 in CCM "'x' Things You Probably Didn't Know About...: Steve Taylor", by Michael Nolan
  • Jul 2005 in CCM "Insider: Behind The Scenes of The Second Chance", by Andy Argyrakis
  • Aug 2005 in CCM "Hall of Fame: Steve Taylor", by Chris Well
  • Aug 2005 in CCM "List-O-Rama: Before They Put The Hip In Hip-Hop", by Chris Well
  • Feb 2006 in CCM "Listening In: Michael W. Smith, Steve Taylor, Jeff Obafemi Carr"
  • Jul 2006 in HM "Interview: Trading A Baby...", by Chris Callaway
  • Jan 2007 in CCM "List-O-Rama: P.O.D., Johnny Cash, Bride, Switchfoot, Steve Taylor", by Chris Well

Albums & reviews:

"Albums & reviews" shows Profile of media releases by Steve Taylor. Each album or other release is listed separately. Reviews follow in a similar manor to the "Media coverage" section. Here we make an important distinction between general coverage and album reviews. Steve Taylor's controversial album I Predict 1990 sparked a rash of media coverage, but only some articles represent legitimate reviews. Many contain more general coverage of the artist but talk about the album, these would be listed above in "Media coverage."
1987: I Predict 1990

Example from Campus Life

Magazine issue lists

Issue lists represent the publication schedule of a magazine. They show basic details about the issues listed, including the date, volume and issue information, and possibly who is on the cover. We generally only list cover information if it is related to music. In this example, three covers have contents listed. Each cover detail link goes to the contents of the issue, and each cover detail link goes to the artist in question.

Since a good bit of what we cover is not music magazines, issues may have no music-related contents. Such issues may not be listed, and are not browsable.


January / February v. 56, i. 6
March / April v. 56, i. 8Jaci Velásquez
May / June v. 56, i. 9
July / August v. 57, i. 1Audio Adrenaline
September / October v. 57, i. 2
November / December v. 57, i. 4dc Talk

Example from Radix

Issue contents

Magazines are grouped by year and issue. For music magazines, each page represents one issue of the given periodical. However, more general magazines may have sparse music-related content in any given issue. In these cases we may choose to group several issues on the same page. An example of this appears below.

Each issue lists publication information such as the date and issue / volume numbers. Articles are grouped under their headings or by type. Writers are listed on each article, but only linked to the right of the listing. The writers listing box appears under the cover of the issue, if one is available.

Sep / Oct, volume 15, issue 2

Writers in this Issue
Cliff Ross
Dan Ouellette
  • "Singer / Songwriter Ken Medema" by Dan Ouellette
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