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The section "EXPLO: Sights and Sounds" was for one year written by composer Bob Burroughs and his wife Esther. It was generally a section of reviews of books or movies but could contain travel advice and other commentary as well.

One review in this section stands out as being quite exceptional. The Review of J.C. Power Outlet's Ron Salsbury and the J.C. Power Outlet in October 1973 contains language which would stand out in any Christian publication, much less one produced by the Southern Baptist church.

As if covering a rock 'n' roll album wasn't controversial enough for their audience, the language becomes implicitly sexual. "See that your folks are gone... sit back and prepare to be overtaken." The J.C. Power Outlet "rides hard and comes through big" with their hard rock sound.

From here the column folds into a review of The Sound of Music. While they do review Randy Matthews and other artists later, they never write another review as explosive as this one.

The Burroughs's continue with the column through September 1974. With The October issue, however, the focus of the section changes. EXPLO, now subtitled "Sights and Sounds of Worship" becomes about mission work, and is written by Glenn and Jeanine Boyd.

General info

First issue: October 1970
Final issue: July / August 2003

Publisher: Southern Baptist Convention (Birmingham, AL)
ISSN: 0162-1955
OCLC: 2250634
CMnexus (noun)
The magazine index
of modern music
and Christianity