Christian Century, 1967

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Writers in this Issue
Kinsolving, Lester

17 May, volume 84, issue 20

The World Around Us:
  • "A Rector, A Church and the Hippies" by Lester Kinsolving
    Hippies, Haight-Ashbury

28 Jun, volume 84, issue 26

Writers in this Issue
Gottwald, Norman K.
Hitchcock, James

16 Aug, volume 84, issue 33

Cover Feature:
  • "The Christian and The Hippie" by James Hitchcock
  • "Hippies, Political Radicals, and the Church" by Norman K. Gottwald

Writers in this Issue
Marty, Martin E.

6 Dec, volume 84, issue 49

  • Medical Mission Sisters - Joy is Like the Rain, I Know the Secret by Martin E. Marty
  • various artists - Praise In Many Voices Part 1, Praise In Many Voices Part 2, Praise In Many Voices Part 3 by Martin E. Marty

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