Eternity, 1972

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Writers in this Issue
Baker, Dwight P.
Peterson, William J
Stainslaw, Richard J

Sep, volume 23, issue 9

  • "Contemporary Cults, No. 10 of 10: The Children of God: Walled-In Zealots" by William J Peterson
    Children of God, Dovid Moses Berg, FreeCOG
Book Review:Bites From Baker's Oven:

Nov, volume 23, issue 11

Window On The World:
  • "What's Next for Campus Crusade?"
    Bill Bright (interviewed), Explo '72, Explo '74
Book Excerpt:
  • "Beware The New Super-Spirituality"
    The New Super-Spirituality, Pentecostalism, Jesus movement, prophecy, intellectualism

Writers in this Issue
Conn, Charles Paul

Dec, volume 23, issue 12

  • "He Walks A New Line" by Charles Paul Conn

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