FUEL, Win 1999, vol. 1, iss. 2

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Writers in this Issue
Culver, Roy
Estey, Chris
Huntington, Cliffy
Joe, Saint
Johnson, Matt
Powers, Jason
Rake, Jamie Lee
Richards, Will
Sellnow, Debbie
Suffering, Jeff

Ghoti Hook / The W's

Cover Feature:
  • "The New Sinatras?" by Jamie Lee Rake, Chris Estey
  • "Coverjuggling at the Zoo of Songs" by Chris Estey
  • "The Velvet Blue Dream"
    Velvet Blue Music, Jeff Cloud
Album Review:
  • Pep Squad - Yreka Bakery by Saint Joe
  • House of Wires - You Are Obsolete by Jeff Suffering
  • MxPx - Let It Happen by Chris Estey
  • Tonio K. - Olé, Rodent Weekend '76-'79 (Approximately) by Chris Estey
  • Scaterd Few - Grandmother's Spaceship by Jeff Suffering
  • Roadside Monument - I Am The Day of Current Taste by Jeff Suffering
  • Five Iron Frenzy - Quantity Is Job 1 by Jason Powers
  • All Star United - International Anthems for the Human Race by Saint Joe
  • various artists - Happy Christmas by Chris Estey
  • The Insyderz - Fight of My Life by Saint Joe
  • Silage - Vegas Car Chasers by Saint Joe
  • Mukala - Fiction by Saint Joe
  • Viva Voce - Hooray For Now by Saint Joe
  • Broomtree - Broomtree by Saint Joe
  • Royal - My Dear by Saint Joe
  • Keith Green - Because of You: Songs of Testimony, Make My Life A Prayer To You: Songs of Devotion, Oh Lord, You're Beautiful: Songs of Worship by Saint Joe

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