Heaven's Metal, Jan / Feb 1992, #33

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Jan / Feb 1992 #33, featuring Holy Soldier
Writers in this Issue
Adolph, Bruce
Bach, David
Baker, Steve
Beeman, Bob
Carpenter, Marc
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Knight, Joey
La Garza, Lisa Y.De
Lathem, Lanny C.
Lott, Jeff
Scheetz, Jeff
Stallard, Allan
Sterling, Phil
Van Pelt, Doug
Wagers, Stephen

Holy Soldier

Cover Feature:Article:
  • "The Music of The King?" by Steve Baker
  • "Waitin'... Rockin'... and Waitin'" by Doug Van Pelt
  • "Strugglefishin' Upstream" by Doug Van Pelt
  • "Obsessed With God" by Doug Van Pelt
  • "How Well Do You H.E.A.R.?" by Doug Van Pelt
    tinnitus, musicians with hearing problems
What ... Sez:Album Review:
  • Lanny Cordola - Electric Warrior, Acoustic Saint by Phil Sterling
  • Randy Rose - Sacrificium by Stephen Wagers, Doug Van Pelt
  • Seventh Angel - Lament for the Weary by Doug Van Pelt
  • Lust Control - Fun Fun Feeling by Bruce Adolph
  • various artists - Last Ship Home by Doug Van Pelt
  • Scaterd Few - Out of the Attic by Stephen Wagers
  • Scaterd Few - Taste The Touch [video] by Doug Van Pelt
  • Stryper - Can't Stop the Rock: The Stryper Collection 1984-1991 by Doug Van Pelt
  • Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply / Rainbow's End by Doug Van Pelt
  • Bloodgood - The Collection by Doug Van Pelt
  • Idle Cure - Inside Out by Doug Van Pelt
  • Precious Death - Our Stinkin' Demo by Doug Van Pelt
  • Kreyson - Andel Na Uteku by Doug Van Pelt
  • Deelspeed - Ludicrous Speed by Doug Van Pelt
  • various artists - ACM Journal 2nd Anniversary Sampler by Doug Van Pelt
  • Dodavahu - demo by Allan Stallard
  • Mortal Enemy - Tame The Beast Within by Jeff Lott
  • Hold True - Focus by Jeff Lott
  • Sold Out - New Way A Thinkin' by Doug Van Pelt
  • Searcher - demo by Joey Knight
  • Uthanda - Grooove by Doug Van Pelt
  • Larry Norman - Confiscated: The Best of Larry Norman by Doug Van Pelt
  • The 77s - Eighty Eight by Doug Van Pelt
  • Jeff Pearce - Variations on a Scream, Variations on a Dream by Doug Van Pelt
  • Urgent Cry - Demo 011591 by Joey Knight
  • Project Enemy - 5-song demo by Doug Van Pelt
  • Eric Wise - Living In The New Age by Joey Knight
  • Quodesh - demo by Joey Knight
  • X4U - In The Presence of My Enemies by Doug Van Pelt
  • The Blamed - Pay The Rent by Stephen Wagers
  • JC Roxx - Livin' In The Limelight by Stephen Wagers
  • Judah (CA) - demo by Doug Van Pelt
  • Seraphim (IN) - Seraphim by Lisa Y.De La Garza
  • Regime - Straight Thru Your Heart by Doug Van Pelt
Concert Review:
  • "Brockton, Mass" by Marc Carpenter
  • "The Roxy, Atlanta, GA" by Lanny C. Lathem
  • "1st Southern California Christian Hard Rock / Metal Festival" by Doug Van Pelt
The Christian and Art: "Art and Work Part II: Time For Sanctification" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob by Pastor Bob

Inside / Outside by David Bach

Licks & Tricks by Jeff Scheetz

HM Back Page: "The Eagle"

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