HM, Jan / Feb 1998, #69

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Cover of HM, Jan / Feb 1998 #69, featuring Industrial / goth
Writers in this Issue
Aguirre, Allan
Beeman, Bob
Clayton, Eric
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Hart, David S.
Hoyle, Dave
Keyes, J. Edward
MacIntosh, Dan
McCabe, Ginny
McGovern, Brian Vincent
Mendonca, Joe
Scheetz, Jeff
Thompson, Dale
Van Pelt, Doug
Vasey, Karen
Vinther, Nick
Wheelor, Warren

Industrial / goth

Cover Feature:
  • "What Is Industrial? What Is Goth?" by Brian Vincent McGovern
  • "Spy Glass Blue's Allan Aguirre on Goth" by Allan Aguirre
    Goth music
  • "Saviour Machine's Eric Clayton on Goth" by Eric Clayton
    Goth music
  • "Bride's Dale Thompson on Looking Weird and Playing Loud" by Dale Thompson
    styles, subcultures, and representing Christ
  • "The Story of Eva O" by David S. Hart
  • "A Chat With Klank" by Doug Van Pelt
  • "Industry Profile" by Brian Vincent McGovern
    Blacklight Records, Todd Michael Jordan
  • Metanoia by Brian Vincent McGovern
  • "Blitzin' Zombies" by Brian Vincent McGovern
  • Teramaze by Warren Wheelor
  • "Quayle..." by Karen Vasey
  • Blindside by J. Edward Keyes
  • "Nick Vinther's Weekend on the Road With Soulfood 76" by Nick Vinther
  • "Ministering To The Reservation... Without Reservation" by Ginny McCabe
  • SHeeSH by Joe Mendonca
  • Ruby Joe by Dan MacIntosh
So & So Says....:Album Review:Concert Review:The Christian and Art: "The Sons of Issachar: Knowing What Israel Should Do, Part III" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob's Column by Pastor Bob

Licks & Tricks by Jeff Scheetz

HM Back Page: "Pray for Marilyn Manson"

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