HM, Mar 2013, #164

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Cover of HM, Mar 2013 #164, featuring Hope for the Dying
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Writers in this Issue
Brehm, Sarah
Bryant, Tony D.
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Cunningham, Jeff
Francis, Matt
Garcia, Daniel
Huff, David
Rake, Jamie Lee
Shameless, Rob
Stagg, David
Steffens, Charlie
Tucker, Greg
Van Pelt, Doug
Wycoff, Collette

Hope for the Dying

Cover Feature:Article:Album Review:Live Report:Devotions by Greg Tucker

The Christian and Art: "Concerning "Jesus Is My Girlfriend" Songs: Observations on the Imbalances of Today's Worship (Part the Ninth)" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Tales From The Conservative Underground:
  • "Vol. 14 - It's Not That Hard" by Matt Francis
HM Back Page: "HM For Sale by Owner" by Doug Van Pelt

This issue of HM came bundled with Heaven's Metal #97.

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