Heaven's Metal, Jul 2013, #101

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Jul 2013 #101, featuring Deuteronomium
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Writers in this Issue
Gatto, Chris
Huffman, Dale
Mabee, Justin


Cover Feature:
  • "Deuteronomium is still Metal after all These Years" by Chris Gatto
  • "B R O K E N F L E S H" by Justin Mabee
  • "Transcending the Mythos: Soul Embraced has hit their Stride" by Dale Huffman
  • "Forward Through Blood, Ice and Snow" by Dale Huffman
  • "Renamed and Revitalized" by Dale Huffman
  • "At the Metal Helm" by Chris Gatto
    Jason Butz (cover artist, Nokternal Hemizphear); Jeremy Thurmond (Starve the Flesh Clothing); Metal Helm; commentary about the metal scene

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