Heaven's Metal, Feb / Mar 2008, #73

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Feb / Mar 2008 #73, featuring Ultimatum
Writers in this Issue
Beck, Chris
Beeman, Bob
Collins, Jeff
Gatto, Chris
Harp, Lloyd
Hunt, Matt
Jesse, Daniel
Larson, Michael J.
McCormack, Jeff
Mitchell, Drue
Rowe, Steve
Swank, Jonathan


Cover Feature:
  • "Into The Pit With Ultimatum" by Jeff Collins
Article:Pastor Bob's International Report:
  • "Phillip Lowry, Sanctuary NI - Lisburn, N. Ireland" by Pastor Bob
  • "Louis Enrique Pozo" by Pastor Bob
  • "Christian Gonzales, Pantokrator Community - Columbia, South America" by Pastor Bob
Metal Tracks:Album Review:
  • Virgin Black - Requim - Fortissimo by Daniel Jesse
  • Cage - Hell Destroyer by Jonathan Swank
  • Glass Hammer - Culture of Ascent by Jonathan Swank
  • Amaran's Plight - Voices In The Light by Jonathan Swank
  • Ultimatum - Into The Pit by Chris Gatto
  • Sacrecy - Sacrecy by Daniel Jesse
  • Sotahuuto - Ihmisen jälki by Daniel Jesse
  • Hilastherion - Taken From Darkness by Daniel Jesse
  • Tiles - Fly Paper by Jonathan Swank
  • Monotheist - Unforsaken by Michael J. Larson
  • Discern - To Praise With Persecution by Michael J. Larson
  • Mass - Crack of Dawn by Lloyd Harp
  • Armageddon - The Money Mask [Reissue] by Chris Beck
  • Main Line Riders - Shot In The Dark by Drue Mitchell, Jeff Collins
Throwing Down the Gauntlet:
  • by Steve Rowe

        Issue list        
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