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May 1997

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About Something For Nothing

Something For Nothing has a complicated early history, not atypical of underground zines.

For the first issue in this lineage, the zine was was called Thrash and Thrash. This and four issues of r.o.m. (renewal of mind) were published in 1988.

Something For Nothing began publishing in December 1988 with issue #1, and lasted four issues before the zine changed names again. The next two issues were released under the title the Birdcage Liner.

With the name change, the numbering was adjusted as well. Instead of the first Birdcage Liner issue being #5, the numbering was changed to include the prior publications. Issue #5, thus, became #10.

Birdcage Liner lasted one further issue, and #12 picked back up on the long-term name, Something For Nothing.

General info

First issue: December 1988

Publisher: (Massillion, OH)
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