YouthWorker, 1992

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Writers in this Issue
Lynn, David
Rabey, Steve

Sum, volume 9, issue 1

Research Briefs:
  • Reports on a study in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence (Arnett, December 1991) looks at reckless behavior in teenagers and it's supposed link to metal music. by David Lynn
Media & Culture:
  • representations of evil in culture and it the Bible: Michael W. Smith, The Rapture (1991 movie) by Steve Rabey

Writers in this Issue
Rabey, Steve

Fall, volume 9, issue 2

Media & Culture:New Christian Music:
  • Rhythm House - Rhythm House by Steve Rabey
  • Magdallan - Big Bang by Steve Rabey
  • Lisa Bevill - My Freedom by Steve Rabey
  • Al Green - Love Is Reality by Steve Rabey
  • Mortal - Lusis by Steve Rabey
  • Bob Bennett - Songs From Bright Avenue by Steve Rabey
  • Bruce Carroll - Sometimes Miracles Hide by Steve Rabey
  • Michael James - Shoulder to the Wind by Steve Rabey
  • Annie Herring - There's a Stirring by Steve Rabey
  • Dallas Holm - Chain of Grace by Steve Rabey
  • Kerry Livgren - Decade by Steve Rabey
  • Danny Byram - Now It Starts by Steve Rabey
  • various artists - Generation 2 Generation by Steve Rabey
  • various artists - 12 Steps To Freedom by Steve Rabey
  • various artists - The Rock Revival Vol. 1, The Rock Revival Vol. 2 by Steve Rabey

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