YouthWorker, Sep / Oct 1998, vol. 15, iss. 1

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Writers in this Issue
Bass, Pamela
Boggs, Nadine
Chomey, Rick
Crabbe, Bertrand
Finley, Shane
Galloway, Juan
Gumm, Eric
Heckman, Garth
Hills, Darren
Houge, Ty Chap
Jacobs, Tony B
Matzinger, Mike D
Menke, Jimmy
Noce, Heather
Owensby, Garland
Palmer, George
Pierce, Rick
Shore, Greg A
Urbanski, Dave
Will, Scott
Wunderlich, Carol

  • Glenn Kaiser - You Made the Difference in Me by Pamela Bass
  • Wyrick - Mental Floss by Garland Owensby
  • Faith Massive - Drum & Bass For The Masses by Garland Owensby
  • Sonik Boom of Love - A Love Supreme by Garland Owensby
  • Project 86 - Project 86 by George Palmer
  • P.O.D. - Payable on Death Live by Garth Heckman
  • Bleach - Static by Shane Finley
  • Mancy A'lan Kane - Paper Moon by Jimmy Menke
  • Kosmos Express - Simulcast by Bertrand Crabbe
  • Morella's Forest - From Dayton With Love by Tony B Jacobs
  • This Train - Mimes of the Old West by Juan Galloway
  • Chris Taylor - Down Goes The Day by Rick Pierce
  • Margaret Becker - Falling Forward by Rick Chomey
  • Three Crosses - Skinny Flowers by Carol Wunderlich
  • Ric Blair - Always by My Side by Eric Gumm
  • Jaci Velásquez - Jaci Velásquez by Heather Noce
  • Fred Hammond - Pages of Life: Chapters 1 & 2 by Mike D Matzinger
  • Rich Mullins - The Jesus Record by Dave Urbanski
  • various artists - Exodus by Darren Hills
  • The Blamed - ...Again by Scott Will
  • MxPx - Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo by Scott Will
  • Bruthaz Grimm - He's Coming by Garth Heckman
  • Deborah Fatow - Submerged by Nadine Boggs
  • The Newsboys - Step Up to the Microphone by Bertrand Crabbe
  • Full On The Mouth - Collide by Greg A Shore
  • various artists - Ska '98 by Ty Chap Houge
  • various artists - The Mother of All Tribute Albums
  • various artists - Seltzer 2
  • various artists - Sparkler Vol. 1
  • various artists - GT Compilation Vol. 3: Muzik ta Ride 2
  • various artists - The Pick of the Litter Vol. 1, The Pick of the Litter Vol. 2
  • various artists - Live At Tom Fest

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