The Almost

Media coverage:

  • Jan 2007 in HM "The Almost", by Doug Van Pelt
  • Jul 2007 in HM "Poster: The Almost"
  • Aug 2007 in CCM "Almost Time", by Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Feb 2008 in CCM "Ask Your Favorite Artist: The Almost"
  • Nov 2008 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: Underoath, The Almost"
  • Jan 2009 in HM "Unofficial Memoirs", by Levi McAllister
  • Nov 2009 in HM "The Almost Has <strike>Almost</strike> Definitely Made It", by Kelly Kettering

Albums & reviews:

: Southern Weather
: No Gift To Bring
: Monster Monster
: Monster EP

: Monster Monster Deluxe Edition
: Fear Inside Our Bones

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