CCM Digital, Jan 2013

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Cover of CCM Digital, Jan 2013, featuring NewSong & Winter Jam
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Writers in this Issue
Argyrakis, Andy
Aspinwall, Grace S.
Birdsong, Toni
Colville, Cindy Wilt
Conner, Matt
Durbin, Emily
Greer, Andrew
Lusk, Caroline
Siler, Steve
Tasker, Nathan

NewSong & Winter Jam

Cover Feature:
  • "Winter Jam Tour Spectacular: Second to None" by Caroline Lusk
    NewSong, Winter Jam tour
  • "Swallow the Ocean"
Article:Worship:Musicians Corner: Story Behind the Song:The Fringe:Your World:
  • "Freedom at Last: Music Sets the Captives Free" by Matt Conner
  • "Unspeakable: The Tragedy in Newtown Leaves a Nation Stunned, Heartbroken and Seeking" by Caroline Lusk
What's New:Musicians Corner: Writer's Room:
  • "Plato Had It Right!" by Steve Siler
Musicians Corner: Gear Guide:Musicians Corner: In the Studio:Out & About

Reviews & New Releases:Tour Spotlight:Your Heart:
  • "Take Time to Grieve" by Toni Birdsong
Your Home:
  • "Here's to New Beginnings..." by Nathan Tasker
Musicians Corner: Create:
  • "A Songwriter's Plight" by Cindy Wilt Colville

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        Issue list        
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