Christianity Today, 2011

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Writers in this Issue
Augustine, Ron
Greer, Andrew
Ham, Robert
Hurst, Josh
Jones, Jeremy V.
Moring, Mark
Whitman, Andy

Jan, volume 55, issue 1

Two Minutes With...:Christianity Today Review:
  • Amos Lee - Mission Bell by Andy Whitman
Writers in this Issue
Whitman, Andy

Feb, volume 55, issue 2

Writers in this Issue
Chapman, Reynolds
Coote, Robert T.
Hurst, Josh
Koessler, John
Moring, Mark

Mar, volume 55, issue 3

Cover Feature:
  • "The Trajectory of Worship" by John Koessler
  • "Pop Goes The Worship" by Mark Moring
    David T. Gordon; How Contemporary worship compares to traditional hymns, analysis
  • "Worship In Black and White" by Reynolds Chapman
    racial differences in worship styles
  • "The Hymns That Keep On Going" by Robert T. Coote
    analysis of hymnbooks to find most commonly appearing hymns; historical and cross-denominational
  • "Everybody's Favorites: The Hymns That Last" by Robert T. Coote
    List related to "The Hymns That Keep On Going"
  • "Whatever Happened To "Amazing Grace"" by Robert T. Coote
    why "Amazing Grace" isn't on the list; specific history of the song
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