Down The Line, Jan 2018, #21

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Cover of Down The Line, Jan 2018 #21, featuring Zao
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Writers in this Issue
Crosslin, Matt
Indest, Mike
Peterson, Doug


  • "Catching Up With Drummer Jeff Gretz About The Band..." by Ellis on the Orchard
    Zao; Jeff Gretz interviewed
  • "Hardcore Punk Done Beautifully" by Doug Peterson
  • "Out of Line: The Roots of Lo Tom And How Amy Started The Whole Shit Storm" by Doug Peterson
    Lo Tom; Commentary on Amy Grant and the CCM music industry
Album Review:
  • Writ on Water - A Charcoal Night by Matt Crosslin
  • Advent - Pain & Suffering by Ellis in the Orchard
  • Killed By Cain - Killed by Cain [Retroarchives Edition] by Matt Crosslin
  • various artists - We Bear Scars by Ellis in the Orchard
  • Abberations of Light - Banuary by Matt Crosslin
  • Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare [2017 Remaster] by Doug Peterson
  • Lo Tom - Lo Tom by Doug Peterson
  • Xalt - Dark War [Retroarchives Edition] by Doug Peterson
  • Barnabas - Hear the Light [Retroarchives Edition], Find Your Heart a Home [Retroarchives Edition], Approaching Light Speed [Retroarchives Edition] by Doug Peterson
  • Greg Minier - Minier [Expanded Edition] by Doug Peterson
  • U2 - Songs of Experience by Matt Crosslin
Live Report:
  • "New Orleans - 7.28.17 (House of Blues)" by Mike Indest
  • "New Orleans" by Mike Indest
Editorials, opinion, and commentary:
  • "Down The Line Interview with Frank Schaffer" by Doug Peterson
    Frank Schaffer on the current state of religion and politics in the US
  • "Robert Jeffress and Donald Trump opinion on the need for separation between church and state..." by Ellis in the Orchard
    on the current state of religion and politics in the US

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