HM, Jul / Aug 2007, #126

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Cover of HM, Jul / Aug 2007 #126, featuring Project 86
Writers in this Issue
Benson, Kelly
Conner, Matt
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Frazer, Bear
Frazier, Dan
Hallila, Tim
Houston, Robert
Kid, Kern County
Larson, Michael J.
MacIntosh, Dan
McCharen, Bill
McCharen, Nicole
McCormack, Jeff
Olson, Chad
Rake, Jamie Lee
Spitzer, Bradley
Stagg, David
Swank, Jonathan
Van Pelt, Doug
Womack, Carey

Project 86

Cover Feature:
  • "A Conversation With Andrew Schwab... With Footnotes" by David Stagg
  • "Define This" by David Stagg
  • "2007 Is Their Year" by Robert Houston
  • Lengsel by Tim Hallila
  • "The Tooth & Nail Time Machine" by Dan MacIntosh
  • "Wrestling With Bigger Issues" by Matt Conner
  • These 5 Down by Bear Frazer
  • Kekal by Michael J. Larson
  • "To India With Love" by Bill McCharen and Nicole McCharen
    Faceless International, Sexual exploitation of minors, XXXChurch
Hardnews: Quick & Concise:Hardnews:So & So Says....:Album Review:The Christian and Art: "The Disconnect: Why Evangelicals Make Bad Art (Part The Sixth)" by Kemper B. Crabb II


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