Benny Hester

Media coverage:

  • Jun 1981 in CCM "Records: Benny Breaks Into New Sound"
  • Dec 1981 in CCM "On The Air: How Benny Hester's Single Reached Secular Charts"
  • Feb 1983 in CCM "Benny Hester"
  • Jul 1983 in CCM "Benny Hester"
  • Dec 1985 in CCM "News Beat: Back To Basics: Benny Hester Gets Intense", by M. Scott Dwinell
  • Feb 1987 in CCM "A Look Through The Window", by Davin Seay
  • Sep 1996 in CCM "Rewind: Benny Hester", by Devlin Donaldson
  • Jul 1998 in CCM "Don't You Forget About Me: Benny Hester"

Albums & reviews:

: Benny Hester [later as Be A Receiver]
: Nobody Knows Me Like You
: Be A Receiver
: Legacy
: Benny From Here
: Through the Window
: Perfect
: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

: Personal Best

Books about Benny Hester

  • "Benny Hester" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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