7ball, Sep / Oct 1997, #14

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Cover of 7ball, Sep / Oct 1997 #14, featuring Common Children
Writers in this Issue
Aderholdt, Danielle Lee
Blinn, Beth
Bonham, Chad
Brown, Bruce A.
Brumley, Doug
Bumgarner, Dave
Caviness, Brad
MacIntosh, Dan
McCabe, Ginny
Mosh, Father
Parker, Mike
Spitzer, Curtis
Well, Chris

Common Children

Cover Feature:Article:Media Watch:
  • dc Talk - Welcome to the Freak Show [video] by Chris Well
Bankshots:Album Review:Collision Point:
  • by Doug Brumley
blah, blah, blah: "There's No Place Like Home" by Father Mosh

To The Extreme:
  • "Truth Clothing" by Dan MacIntosh
    Truth Clothing, Eric Hannah, Scott Brinson
This issue of 7ball came bundled with GAS #3.

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