7ball, Jul / Aug 2000, #31

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Cover of 7ball, Jul / Aug 2000 #31, featuring 25 Unsigned Artists
Writers in this Issue
MacIntosh, Dan
Minor, Kyle
Mogan, Genevieve
Trask, Devin
Well, Chris

25 Unsigned Artists

Somebody Sign These Guys:Article:
  • "Home Again" by Kyle Minor
  • "Fishers of Men" by Kyle Minor
  • "Desert Oasis" by Kyle Minor
  • "Christians In Comics" by Kyle Minor
    Christians in comic art: Mike Miller, Hal Jones, Ralph Miley, Jack Chick, Chuck Dixon, Darryl Banks
Album Review:
  • Deitiphobia - Lo:Fi vs. Sci:Fi by Chris Well
  • Brave Saint Saturn - So Far From Home by Dan MacIntosh
  • These 5 Down - These 5 Down by Kyle Minor
  • Watashi Wa - Lost A Few Battles...Won The War by Dan MacIntosh
  • Sundry - The Toughest No-Brainer Yet by Chris Well
  • Tourniquet - Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm by Dan MacIntosh
  • The Raven - 2K AD by Devin Trask
  • DJ Maj - Wax Museum Mixtape by Genevieve Mogan
  • Ultrabeat - Trip To A Planet Called Heaven by Dan MacIntosh
blah, blah, blah: "What Goes Around" by Chris Well

This issue of 7ball came bundled with GAS #20.

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