CCM, Aug 1995, vol. 18, iss. 2

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Writers in this Issue
Adkison, Mark
Akins, Debra
Bonham, Chad
Briner, Bob
Brown, Bruce A.
Cavanaugh, Patrick
Chatman, Todd
Donaldson, Devlin
Fischer, John
Gorman, Wynnell
Halverson, Holly
Hefner, April
Hildreth, Denise G
Joseph, Mark
Livgren, Kerry
Long, Jim
Price, Deborah Evans
Rake, Jamie Lee
Riddle, Melissa
Rumburg, Gregory J
Smeby, Mark A
Smith, Deborah N.
Taylor, Sean

Out of the Grey

Cover Feature:Article:
  • "Hello Cleveland" by Holly Halverson
  • "The Ties That Bind" by Mark A Smeby
  • "Punks With A Point" by Devlin Donaldson
  • "Soul Searching" by Deborah N. Smith
  • "Quoth The Raybon" by Deborah Evans Price
  • "Can "Christian" Music Exist? The Sacred vs Secular Debate Rages On" by Mark Joseph, Patrick Cavanaugh, Kerry Livgren
    Sacred vs Secular in Christian music
  • "Creation '95 A Washout" by Debra Akins
    Creation Festival
Conversations:On The Beat:
  • "Car Wreck Injures Luxury Members"
  • "Net Work"
    list of web sites with CCM related information
In The News:
  • "Creation '95: A Washout Forces Cancellation" by Debra Akins
    Creation Festival
  • "Grant Delays Tour"
  • "Carman Out of a 'Jam: Staging Problems Nix JoyJam Appearance" by Debra Akins
    Carman, JoyJam
  • "CCM & Warner Launch New Magazine / CD Service"
  • "Christian Music's Longest-Running Station Off The Air" by Debra Akins
    KYMS, Santa Ana, switching to Asian format
Faces to Watch:
  • "Johnny Q. Public Disturbs the Peace" by Chad Bonham
  • "More Than Meets The Eye" by Melissa Riddle
  • "Midsouth Gives What It Takes" by Denise G Hildreth
  • "Soulful Asylum" by Gregory J Rumburg
What's New:
  • Grits - Mental Releases by Jamie Lee Rake
  • T-Bone - Tha Life of a Hoodlum by Jamie Lee Rake
  • Ashley Cleveland - Lesson of Love by Bruce A. Brown
  • Petra - No Doubt by Bruce A. Brown
  • East to West - North of the Sky by Mark Adkison
  • Dana Key - Part of the Mystery by Mark Adkison
  • various artists - One Way: The Songs of Larry Norman by Bruce A. Brown
  • various artists - Amazing Grace: A Country Salute to Gospel by Bruce A. Brown
  • Rex Carroll - The Rex Carrol Sessions by Devlin Donaldson
  • Morgan Cryar - Love Over Gold by Todd Chatman
  • Ken Holloway - He Who Made the Rain by Jamie Lee Rake
  • MxPx - Teenage Politics by Bruce A. Brown
  • Gary V. - Out of the Dark by Sean Taylor
  • La More - La More by Jamie Lee Rake
  • Selena - You're All I Need by Mark A Smeby
  • The 77s - 1 2 3 [Box Set] by Bruce A. Brown
  • Clash of Symbols - Begging at the Temple Gate Called Beautiful
  • Tammy Trent - Tammy Trent
  • The Blamed - Frail
  • Ray Boltz - The Concert of a Lifetime by Mark A Smeby
In Concert:Consider This:
  • "Go For Greatness" by John Fischer
Roaring Lambs:
  • "Film Studio Introduces Roaring Lambs to Hollywood" by Bob Briner
    Los Angeles Film Studies Center

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