CCM, Apr 2007, vol. 29, iss. 10

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Writers in this Issue
Argyrakis, Andy
Barfield, Warren
Chapman, Jackie A.
Colman, Paul
Conner, Matt
Connor, Lizza
De Marco, John M
English, Michael
Farias, Andree
Harrold, Rachel
Long, Russ
Mattingly, Terry
McCreary, David
McDonald, Kate
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Nordeman, Nichole
Parker, Mike
Rumburg, Gregory J
Scates, Andrew
Shore, Tony
Styll, John W.
Swartzendruber, Jay
Thompson, John J.
Van Pelt, Doug
Well, Chris
Williams, Lindsay

Nichole Nordeman

Cover Feature:
  • "Skin Deep" by Nichole Nordeman
    Image and artistic authenticity in Christian music
  • "Pick'n (on) The Doves" by Jay Swartzendruber, Chris Well
    Dove Awards (editor's picks)
  • "Grammatic Effect" by Jay Swartzendruber
  • "Deas Vail's Brave New World" by John J. Thompson
  • "Riddle's Answer" by Jackie A. Chapman
  • "Through Christ Alone" by Michael English
  • by Chris Well
5 Questions With:List-O-Rama:Ones to Watch:Get Real:Things I ♥:Independents Day:Guide To Gear:History Makers: Moments that Shaped CCM:
  • "Gotta Serve Somebody" by John W. Styll
In Review:Standing Room Only:Living The Message:
  • "Seeing God" by Warren Barfield

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