Blood Sacrifice, Sum 1999, #1

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Cover of Blood Sacrifice, Sum 1999 #1
Writers in this Issue
Ritter, Guy

Article:Interview:Up From the Underground:Editorials, opinion, and commentary:
  • "A Call To Arms" by Abdiel
  • "He Would Like A Word With You"
  • "Why God's Blessings Flow Part I: The Empty Communion Cup" by Guy Ritter
  • "Abdiel's Testimony" by Abdiel
  • "Why We Believe Jesus Is God"
  • "Testimony of Proselytor" by Proselytor
  • "Why God's Blessings Flow Part II: Giving Back to God What's Already His" by Guy Ritter
  • "Mystery Babylon Revealed Part I" by Neomorphasis
    on the Roman empire and the book of Daniel
This is the first issue of Blood Sacrifice.

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