Enthroned, Oct 1999, #2

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Cover of Enthroned, Oct 1999 #2
Writers in this Issue
Erkkilä, Petri
Jansson, Jonathan
Liljegren, Hubertus
bliss, eternyl

Interview:Up From the Underground:Concert Review:
  • "Review of DP Festival" by Jonathan Jansson, Hubertus Liljegren
    21-25 July 1999
Editorials, opinion, and commentary:
  • "Black Metal vs Unblack Metal" by Jonathan Jansson
  • "Mystery Babylon Revealed Part II"
    Rome and Catholicism
  • "Why We Believe Jesus Is God"
  • "Christians and Corpse Paint" by Petri Erkkilä
  • "The Sabbath... How Valid Is It???" by Abdiel
  • "A True Ouija Board Horror Story" by Laura Jenna

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