HM, Jan / Feb 2001, #87

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Cover of HM, Jan / Feb 2001 #87, featuring Project 86
Writers in this Issue
Bandoppler, Treble
Barber, Michael
Beeman, Bob
Campbell, Earl
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Cummings, Chuck
Denton, Wesley
Dodd, Jason E
Estey, Chris
Gutwein, Katherine L
Hamamoto, Andi
Kid, Kern County
MacIntosh, Dan
McCready, Tim
Reed, Bethany
Rutherford, Brian
Scheetz, Jeff
Tomlinson, Bob
Van Pelt, Doug

Project 86

Cover Feature:
  • "Crossing The Atlantic" by Jason E Dodd
Article:Hardnews:So & So Says....:Album Review:
  • U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind by Chris Estey
  • Damien Jurado - Ghost of David by Chris Estey
  • Mortification - The Silver Cord Is Severed by Brian Rutherford
  • Puller - What's Mine At Twilight by Doug Van Pelt
  • Anguish Unsaid - The Chronicles of the Restoration of the Church by Jason E Dodd
  • Collective Soul - Blender by Wesley Denton
  • The Dingees - The Crucial Conspiracy by Treble Bandoppler
  • XdiscipleX AD - Heaven and Hell by Doug Van Pelt
  • Blenderhead - Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture by Kern County Kid
  • Pillar - Above by Jason E Dodd
  • Ballydowse - Out of the Fertile Crescent by Chris Estey
  • Spark - Tomorrow Is Today by Brian Rutherford
  • Forty Save One - Something Fierce by Kern County Kid
  • Fringe - For The Vagabond Believer by Doug Van Pelt
  • Kerith Ravine - The Streams of Jettison by Jason E Dodd
  • various artists - Punk Praise Volume One by Dan MacIntosh
  • various artists - We the Living, Vol. 3 by Doug Van Pelt
  • The Walter Eugenes - Something Sick Inside My Head by Doug Van Pelt
  • Starflyer 59 - Easy Come Easy Go by Jason E Dodd
  • various artists - Hip Hop Praise by Jason E Dodd
  • Spite of Opposition - Crucify the Flesh by Jason E Dodd
Concert Review:Editorials, opinion, and commentary:
  • "Christians Undercover" by Bob Tomlinson
The Christian and Art: "The Sons of Issachar: Knowing What Israel Should Do, Part XX" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob's Column by Pastor Bob

Poster:Licks & Tricks by Jeff Scheetz

HM Back Page: "The Hill of Crosses"

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