Harvest Rock Syndicate, Fall 1990, vol. 5, iss. 3

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Writers in this Issue
Allison, Kevin
Brown, Bruce A.
Butler, Jori
Cleric, Johnny R.
Delaney, Michael
Donner, Mick Quinn
Eischer, Mark
Faris, T. L.
Greenfield, Steve
Kauffman, Michael Joel
MacIntosh, Dan
Molina, Jay
Murphy, Michael P.
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Selby, Derek Wesley
Selby, Marykay
Strange, Ernest P.
Well, Chris


Cover Feature:
  • "Dangerous Love & The Way of the Rose" by Dan MacIntosh
  • "Music To Make Dry Bones Dance" by Dan MacIntosh
  • "Wallowing In Music, Mayhem, & Ministry" by T. L. Faris
  • "Restless Hearts Don't Take The Day Off" by Kevin Allison
  • "...Yes, but What's the Name of the Band?" by Chris Well
  • "The Rock Stomps Here" by Kevin Allison
  • "X-Sinner Get It On For Christ" by Bruce A. Brown
Dey Be Debuts:Tapping The Underground:
  • Jono Jack - Vein Labour by Michael Delaney
  • Derek Lind - Strange Logic, Slippery Ground by Michael Delaney
  • various artists - Cool Tunes by Michael Delaney
Metal Shop: Reviews:
  • Bloodgood - Alive In America (Live Vol 1), Shakin' The World (Live Vol 2) by Kevin Allison
  • Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare by Kevin Allison
  • Jeff Scheetz - Woodpecker Stomp by Kevin Allison
  • Trytan - Sylentiger by Kevin Allison
  • Recon - Behind Enemy Lines by Kevin Allison
  • Divine Right - Your Rock & Roll by Kevin Allison
  • Presumed Dead - Sacrament by Kevin Allison
  • Immortal - Dead & Buried by Kevin Allison
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        Issue list        
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