Billy Crockett

Media coverage:

  • Jun 1985 in CCM "Where Are The Future Greats?: Billy Crockett", by Scott Pinzon
  • Dec 1986 in CCM "Christian Musician: From Guitars to Lawnmowers", by Thom Granger
  • Oct 1987 in CCM "In Concert: Foursquare Worship Center, Watertown, SD", by Vicki Limberg
  • Jan 1989 in CCM "Christian Musician: For the Love of Six Strings", by Bruce Adolph
  • Nov 1992 in CCM "Christian Musician: Steel Strings and a Box of Wood"
  • Jun 1995 in CCM "Soaring Through Blue Skies", by Debra Akins
  • Mar 1998 in CCM "A River Runs Through It", by Laura Harris
  • Oct 1999 in CCM "If I Had A Hammer", by Wendy Lee Nentwig

Albums & reviews:

: Carrier
: Surprises In Disguises
: Portraits

: The Basic Stuff
: Any Starlight Night
: Red Bird...Blue Sky
: Watermarks
: Simple Plans

Books about Billy Crockett

  • "Billy Crockett" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )

Published articles:

  • 2 articles credited in CCM: 1991.
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