Heaven's Metal, Mar 2013, #97

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Mar 2013 #97, featuring Rivera / Bomma
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Writers in this Issue
Brehm, Sarah
Crothers, Kevin
Gatto, Chris
Harp, Lloyd
McCormack, Jeff
Van Pelt, Doug
Waters, Scott

Rivera / Bomma

Cover Feature:Article:Classic Cover:
  • "Heaven's Metal #1"
Album Review:
  • Stryper - Second Coming by Jeff McCormack
  • Rizin - In Ruins by Chris Gatto
  • Grave Forsaken - Reap What You Sow by Lloyd Harp
  • Glass Hammer - Perilous by Sarah Brehm
  • Neal Morse - Live Momentum by Jeff McCormack
  • Boarders - R-Existance by Jeff McCormack
  • Overcome - No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. by Lloyd Harp
  • Klank - Urban Warfare by Chris Gatto
  • Step Cousin - Experiments in Sound by Scott Waters
  • Absolon - Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart by Kevin Crothers

This issue of Heaven's Metal came bundled with HM #164.

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