Heaven's Metal, Apr / May 2010, #84

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Apr / May 2010 #84, featuring Antidemon
Writers in this Issue
Beck, Chris
Crothers, Kevin
Gatto, Chris
Harp, Lloyd
Larson, Michael J.
López, Edwin
McCormack, Jeff
Rowe, Steve
Swank, Jonathan


Cover Feature:
  • "Traveling Musicianaries" by Michael J. Larson
  • "The House on Haunted Hill" by Kevin Crothers
  • "Looking In The Mirror With Mike Phillips" by Chris Beck
Metal Tracks:Album Review:
  • Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts by Jonathan Swank
  • Mike Phillips - Mirrors Within Mirrors by Jeff McCormack
  • Mastedon - 3 by Chris Beck
  • Mastedon - It's A Jungle Out There [Reissue] by Jonathan Swank
  • Mehida - The Eminent Storm by Chris Beck
  • Transatlantic - The Whirlwind by Jonathan Swank
  • Scourged Flesh - Welcome The End of the World by Lloyd Harp
  • Jacob's Dream - Beneath the Shadows by Jonathan Swank
  • I Built The Cross - Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Heart by Chris Gatto
  • Saint - Hell Blade by Jeff McCormack
  • Saint - Crime Scene Earth 2.0 by Jonathan Swank
  • Venia - Victory By Surrender by Chris Gatto
  • Nephesh - Inter Armas Silent Leges by Chris Gatto
  • Rob Johnson - Shredwork by Jonathan Swank
  • Guardian - First Watch - 20th Anniversary Edition by Kevin Crothers
Concert Review:
  • "Hard Rock Cafe - San Juan, Puerto Rico" by Edwin López
Throwing Down the Gauntlet:
  • by Steve Rowe

        Issue list        
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