Heaven's Metal, Jun / Jul 2010, #85

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Jun / Jul 2010 #85, featuring Legacy
Writers in this Issue
Beck, Chris
Crothers, Kevin
Gatto, Chris
Harp, Lloyd
Larson, Michael J.
McCormack, Jeff
Rowe, Steve
Swank, Jonathan
Van Pelt, Doug


Cover Feature:
  • "Leaving A Legacy" by Jeff McCormack
  • "Twenty Years Later" by Chris Beck
  • "Looking Into The Mirror With Mortification" by Steve Rowe
Metal Tracks:
  • "Introducing Nephesh" by Lloyd Harp
Album Review:
  • Dead Moons Grey - DMG by Lloyd Harp
  • War of Ages - Eternal by Jeff McCormack
  • Project 86 - Picket Fence Cartel by Jeff McCormack
  • Grave Forsaken - Fight to the Death by Lloyd Harp
  • Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide by Jeff McCormack
  • Fire Born - Dirt Mouth by Jeff McCormack
  • Ted Kirkpatrick - Ode to a Roadkill by Jeff McCormack
  • As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise by Jeff McCormack
  • Onward To Olympas - This World Is Not My Home by Jeff McCormack
  • Stairway - Interregnum by Jeff McCormack
  • ForChristSake - Death Is But A Breath Away by Jeff McCormack
  • Audiovision - Focus by Kevin Crothers
  • Disaffection - Begin The Revolution by Kevin Crothers
  • Mortification - Break The Curse Special Edition by Jeff McCormack
  • Legacy - Legacy by Jonathan Swank
  • various artists - Christian Metal Fellowship Comp. Vol. II by Chris Gatto
  • Wintersoul - Frozen Storm Apocalypse by Lloyd Harp
  • Titanic / Final Axe - Maiden Voyages, Screaming In Silence, Beyond Hell's Gates by Jonathan Swank
Living Sacrifice In Review: 1990 - 2002:Throwing Down the Gauntlet:
  • by Steve Rowe

        Issue list        
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