Heaven's Metal, Sep 2010, #86

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Cover of Heaven's Metal, Sep 2010 #86, featuring 25 Years of Christian Metal
Writers in this Issue
Beck, Chris
Crothers, Kevin
Gatto, Chris
Harp, Lloyd
McCormack, Jeff
Rowe, Steve
Swank, Jonathan
Van Pelt, Doug

25 Years of Christian Metal

Cover Feature:
  • "25 Years of Heaven's Metal" by Jonathan Swank
  • "The Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All Time" by Doug Van Pelt, Chris Gatto, Jeff McCormack, Jonathan Swank, Chris Beck, Lloyd Harp, Kevin Crothers
    A ranked list of Christian metal albums. Features album covers and short statements about each album.
  • "Heaven's Metal Fanzine Sampler CD #86" by Doug Van Pelt
    Matt Hunt, Born Twice Records
  • "No Kiddin'... I'm Ready to Fight!" by Kevin Crothers
  • "From Germany With Love" by Chris Gatto
  • "Transcending Generations: A Tribute To Rez" by Kevin Crothers
  • "Beatin' The Odds" by Chris Beck
Throwing Down the Gauntlet:
  • by Steve Rowe

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