Relevant, Mar / Apr 2014, #68

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Writers in this Issue
Barron, Andy
Cockrell, Thad
Huckabee, Tyler
Moore, Josh
Riggins, Jack
Studarus, Laura
Yagolnikov, Olga
Yagolnikov, Tim

  • "The State of Music" by Lecrae, Olga Yagolnikov, Tim Yagolnikov, Thad Cockrell, Josh Moore, Andy Barron, Laura Studarus, Tyler Huckabee
    panelists ("authors") discuss the current state of music and trends; rap, folk, and Christian music are specifically discussed
  • NeedToBreathe by Jack Riggins
  • "The Rise of Haim" by Tyler Huckabee
The Drop:
  • "Switchfoot's Cinematic Journey: Band Returns to their Surfing Roots with New Film"
  • "Hey Ya, Outkast Is Back"
  • "Get Ready for 4 Years of U2 Being Everywhere"
The Drop: Artists to Watch:The Drop: Profile:
  • "The Singor-Songwriter Talks Success, Themes, and Originality"
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