Andy Barron

Writing credits listing

  • May 2013 in Relevant #63
  • Mar 2014 in Relevant #68
    • "The State of Music"
      panelists ("authors") discuss the current state of music and trends; rap, folk, and Christian music are specifically discussed
  • Mar 2015 in Relevant #74
    • "2015 New Music Guide"
      Discussion of music and the music industry. Music trends, genres, personalities, and companies are discussed.
  • Mar 2016 in Relevant #80
    • "Finally, Music Matters Again"
      Music of 2015, trends in 2016; panel discussion; includes insets with band bios
  • Mar 2017 in Relevant #86
    • "Good Lorde This Will Be Another Great Year For Music"
      authors discuss the state of the music industry and current trends within; upcoming releases
CMnexus (noun)
The magazine index
of modern music
and Christianity