Jeff Ebel

Media coverage:

  • Sep 2003 in 7ball "The Little Label That Could", by Chad Bonham
  • Mar 2009 in Down The Line "Gene "Eugene" Andrusco: His Friends and Family Remember: Jeff Ebel on Gene Eugene"
  • Jul 2012 in Down The Line "PING: Jeff Elbel and a cast of uncompromising musicians complete their finest work", by Steve Ruff

Books about Jeff Ebel

  • "Farewell To Juliet" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )

Published articles:

  • 2 articles credited in True Tunes News: 1993.
  • 11 articles credited in 7ball: 1996 - 1999.
  • 1 article credited in Cornerstone: 1997.
  • 1 article credited in Down The Line: 2013.
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