7ball, Sep / Oct 2003, #41

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Writers in this Issue
Akins, Debra
Barr-Jeffrey, Anthony
Black, Beau
Bonham, Chad
Chapman, Jackie A.
Drury, David
Hall, Amy E
Henderson, Scott
Hendrickson, Lucas W.
Herrold, Scott
Luthe, Shane
Macintosh, Chris
McNeece, Chris
Orr, Clark


Cover Feature:
  • "K... J... Five Who?" by Debra Akins
  • "Grabbing A Tree By It's Roots" by Jackie A. Chapman
  • "Working A Double Shift" by David Drury
  • "The Little Label That Could" by Chad Bonham
    Tooth & Nail Records, Jeff Ebel
Ask The Band:Trends:
  • "What If He Were Born In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?"
  • "Mixtapes: The Hip-Hop Fan's Best Friend" by Anthony Barr-Jeffrey
From The Road:Emerging Acts:Album Review:Live Music:
  • "Cornerstone Birthday Bash, Bushnell, Ill" by Chris Macintosh
  • "Nashville, Exit/In" by Jackie A. Chapman
  • "Nashville, Donelson Free Will Baptist Church" by Amy E Hall
Something To Chew On:Rock Star:
  • "Masterwriter For the Rock Star" by Beau Black
    Masterwriter music mastering software

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