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HM, September / October 2007 #127
September 2007

Media coverage:

  • Nov 2005 in HM "Paramore", by Austin Powell
  • May 2007 in CCM "New Noise: Paramore", by Andrew Schwab
  • Sep 2007 in HM "When You Let Your Heart Win"
  • Sep 2009 in HM "Honestly Brand New", by Matt Conner
  • Nov 2009 in HM "Poster: Paramore"
  • Nov 2009 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: Paramore"
  • Jan 2013 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: Paramore Releasing One New"
  • Nov 2013 in HM "Photo Feature: HM's Live Browout", by David Stagg

Albums & reviews:

: All We Know Is Falling
: Riot!
: The Final Riot!
: Brand New Eyes
: Paramore

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