Pat Boone

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: Rapture

: The Pat Boone Family
: Pat Boone Sings the New Songs of the Jesus People

: Pat Boone Sings Golden Hymns

: Born Again with First Nashville Jesus Band

: The Family Who Prays with First Nashville Jesus Band

: In the Holy Land
: Just The Way I Am
  • Mar 1979 in CCM
: The Time Has Come
: Songmaker
: What I Believe
: Home
: In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy
: Echoes of Mercy

: Legacy

Books about Pat Boone

  • "Pat Boone (and The Boone Family)" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )

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  • 1 article credited in Christian Life: 1977.
  • 1 article credited in Charisma: 1987.
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