Pat Terry

Media coverage:

  • Dec 1979 in CCM "Pat Terry", by Ron Velten
  • Jun 1982 in CCM "His Search for Musical Honesty Leads Pat Terry Home Where He Belongs", by Karen Marie Platt
  • Jul 1983 in CCM "Pat Terry"
  • Sep 1983 in Campus Life "Mark Heard On Pat Terry's Film At Eleven: A Response", by Mark Heard
  • Aug 1988 in CCM "Whatever Happened To ...?: Pat Terry", by Kevin Riggs
  • Jul 1992 in CCM "Christian Musician: Thoughts For Christian Songwriters"
  • Mar 1993 in CCM "In Concert: Mark Heard Memorial Benefit Concert: Massey Auditorium, Belmont University, Nashville, TN", by Bruce A. Brown
  • Jul 1997 in CCM "Rewind: Evolution of a Songwriter", by Devlin Donaldson

Albums & reviews:

: Humanity Gangsters
: Film at Eleven
: The Silence

Books about Pat Terry

  • "Pat Terry Group (and Pat Terry [solo])" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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