Paul Smith

Media coverage:

  • Oct 1981 in CCM "Talent: Promoter Promoted... Now He's An Imperial"
  • Sep 1985 in CCM "News Beat: Solo Side", by Don Cusic
  • May 1986 in CCM "Notebook: Sings For The Frozen Chosen", by Brian Blair
  • May 1987 in CCM "In Concert: Community Church of Joy, Phoenix, AZ", by Tim Wright
  • May 1990 in CCM "Musicianaries For Christ: Musicianaries For Christ", by David Geisler
  • Aug 1994 in CCM "Extra Measures", by Perucci Ferraiuolo

Albums & reviews:

: Live & Learn
: No Frills
: Back to Who I Am
: Human Touch
: Extra Measure

Books about Paul Smith

  • "Paul Smith" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )

Published articles:

  • 1 article credited in CCM: 1989.
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