Harvest Rock Syndicate, Win 1987, vol. 2, iss. 4

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Writers in this Issue
Allison, Kevin
Brown, Bruce A.
Cleric, Johnny R.
Delaney, Michael
Donaldson, Devlin
Easterling, Greg
Eischer, Mark
Emery III, Paul J.
Faris, T. L.
Fincher, Mary Kay
Granger, Thom
Greenfield, Steve
Hafer, Todd
Joel, Michael
Marion, Sheree K.
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Pontikes, Stel
Rabey, Steve
Rice, Brian
Schmitz, Paul A
Strange, Ernest P.
Styll, John W.
Well, Chris
Yeager, Dale

Bruce Cockburn

Cover Feature:Article:
  • "Altar Boys Grow Up" by Paul A Schmitz
  • "The Real Rock Army" by Chris Well
  • "The Very Best of Early Christian Rock" by Compiled by Johnny R. Cleric, Contributions by, Bruce A. Brown, Devlin Donaldson, Thom Granger, Todd Hafer, Brian Quincy Newcomb, Stel Pontikes, Steve Rabey, John W. Styll, Dale Yeager, Greg Easterling, Paul J. Emery III, T. L. Faris, Steve Greenfield, Sheree K. Marion, Brian Rice, Paul A Schmitz, Chris Well
    best of list covering up to 1980, reviews each item
  • "Mourning Has Broken" by Thom Granger
  • "The Year of the Wolf" by Greg Easterling
Metal Shop:
  • "In Concert: Granny's Rocker, Edwardsville, IL" by Ernest P. Strange
  • "White Metal From Whitecross" by Kevin Allison
The Very Best of Early Christian Rock:Hot Prospects:
  • Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Sting - ...Nothing Like the Sun by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • R.E.M. - Document by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • John Mellencamp - The Lonesome Jubilee by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • various artists - A Very Special Christmas by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Bourgeois Tagg - YoYo by T. L. Faris, Brian Quincy Newcomb
Tapping The Underground:
  • Follower - Into The Sun by Michael Delaney
  • Malachia - Red Sunrise by Michael Delaney
  • Trytan - Celestial Messenger by Michael Delaney
  • Contagious - Be Ready by Michael Delaney
  • The Lead - The Past Behind by Michael Delaney
  • 100% Proof - The Power and the Glory by Michael Delaney
  • Blue Trapeze - Mask and Marquee by Michael Delaney
Record Reviews:In Concert:

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